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Schipper is a German manufacturer of Painting Number packages. Some 30 years ago introduced Schipper Painting by number concept (times nach zahlen) on the German market.

In the beginning, the concept was particularly popular with children, but gradually, more and more adults and appealing designs on the market. That was the time that the adults and seniors were initiated into this hobby and could have fun with it.

Schipper paint by number
For those Painting Number not know. It concerns the production of a painting with the aid of water-based acrylic paint. This painting, you do not have to draw it, but there is a complete package which comes on board the painter to paint picture is printed. The image features songs that match the paint pots supplied with the package. It is then the intention is to apply the paint in the numbered jars on the painters cardboard at the appropriate numbers using the supplied brush.

Today, this technique is perfected so that after painting a painting on track pack still is barely visible it was created by dyeing numbered spaces.

It is partly for this reason that small and hobby artists are therefore particularly proud of their artwork. Decorate with an appropriate list of properties they are also gladly given as gifts.

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