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Painting by Number Zodiac

The Zodiac is an approximately 20 degree wide zone on the celestial sphere, in which the apparent orbits of the sun, moon and planets go.

The movement of the sun and the constant change of the night sky has fascinated mankind since ancient times. As marks the sun day and night, so they also returns after a year back in the same place in the sky. Based on these observations were made by various ancient civilizations calendars, which the lunar months and indicated the path of the sun, the one-year period certain. The oldest known among the twelve constellations of the zodiac. These characters special significance was given because they are the background, formed the backdrop against which the sun, moon and planets apparently moved.

These constellations are used for example to a daily horoscope set belonging to one's zodiac sign. In this category you will find the back all twelve constellations old paint by number kit. Fun to paint your own constellation, but equally fun to give away as a unique and personalized gift at the same time!