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We make every effort to ensure the reliability, security and integrity of the data we collect. We protect your privacy in the following ways:

  • Your personal information will not be sold or passed on to third parties.
  • Your data is saved secure on the server.
  • The site of Port Center uses cookies to track which pages are visited and for the proper functioning of the cash register module (basket). We use this data emphatically not to create a profile of our visitors.
  • We use your email address to inquire about your status and handling of your order.
  • We use e-mail from existing customers to send offers by email newsletter.
  • Clients can not join our newsletter or to news and promotions from Port Center follow us via Twitter,Facebook or Google+ account.

If you place an order at Port Center, we will ask the following data:

  • Your name, address and telephone number. We use this information to handle the delivery of your order correctly.
  • Your e-mail address so we can keep you informed of your order.
  • Using Afterpay as payment some personal information will be requested. Therefore please refer to the Afterpay website.

Use of cookies
When visiting Port Center will cookies are placed on your equipment. These cookies are primarily for the proper operation of our website. To fill your shopping cart and the ability to process your order. We also use the cookie to your visit and can capture visited pages through Google Analytics. These data will only be used to determine the commitment of our marketing strategy (via what did you hear about us and the channel which generates the highest conversion). Where appropriate, this data will also be used to make targeted offers via our website or you targeted with advertising on third party websites (retargeting).

Additionally, you can create a personal account on our website or obtain it automatically after placing an order. For this account you can choose to save the login information on your equipment. When visiting the site again you will then be immediately logged. This is a choice that you can make yourself. "Stay logged in" It's not an obligation. This cookie is purely for your own convenience, Port Center is also here no use.

Port Center does not use so-called tracking cookies and your data outside of Google Analytics in no way passed on to third parties.

Further information about cookies can be found here.

Port Center website without cookies
If you wish, it is possible Shipping Center's website without visiting cookies. You should keep in mind that the POS module not functioning. So if you want to order something via the website then you must allow the use of cookies, at least temporarily. You can also place your order by phone through our customer service.

Below are links to the websites of the major browser vendors for instructions on the use of cookies on or off:

Access to your information
For the purpose of processing your order, we have information about you in our system. You have the right at any time to make a request to see this data. To make sure that we do not provide your information to an unauthorized applicant, we will request a copy of your identity. Such a request can be submitted by letter or email to our customer service.

Removing or modifying data
If you wish Centerport your information removed from its system or to change, you can submit a written request by letter or email. It is not possible to adjust the ascription of an invoice.

Data Protection
The data processing of Port Center is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority under number m1315775. More information about the Data Protection Board can be found on http://www.cbpweb.nl/.